Saturday, May 14, 2011

A-Z challenge recovery and beyond

Okay, first off, I dropped the ball on the letter Z.  This is for two reasons: One, I had dropped the ball on "X" so suddenly my beautiful perfect run was marred anyway.  Second, the post was going to be "Z is for Zac" in honor of Zachary Levi, who plays Flynn Rider in Tangled and Chuck Bartowski on Chuck, and my very favorite celeb in the whole wide world, but each time I started to approach the task, I felt awkward about it. Since it's mostly strangers that read this blog, it feels weird to gush about my silly fangirl crush.

(Among my friends, totally different story)

Anyway, briefly, Z is for Zachary Levi, who is a talented, funny, classy, handsome, nerdy guy, someone whose hand I would like to shake someday.  When I found out he was going to be voicing a Disney prince (and SINGING), I kind of hit the roof for a couple of days.  The payoff when I finally got to see the movie was even better.  Cheers to you, Zac!

As you may have noticed, with the challenge over, my posts have suddenly dried up.  This is more or less because I can't think of any reason to post unless I have substantial progress to report.  Or if I have some kind of fun costuming anecdote.

(I really like the word 'anecdote')

I'm still working on the straps/armholes/sleeves part of the bustier.  I'm reasonably assured that I have the armhole part down.  The next step is to make a sleeve pattern.  I say make because the puffed sleeve is in the family of basic sleeve types and I can save myself buying yet another pattern if I can manage to draft my own.  A friend referred me to this helpful series on rudimentary sleeve drafting (part 2, part 3) and I think I can actually do it.

I also made a comprehensive list of all the supplies/tools that I am going to need to buy before this is over (in addition to the rest of the brocade I'm still waiting on):

Embroidery thread (Maybe. Probably)
Material for: petticoat, bodice lining, upper/lower sleeves
Lace trim
Ribbon trim
Pink gromets
Thingy for inserting gromets
Boning strips to reinforce gromets
Satin needles for machine
Purple thread

I still haven't made my embroidery transfers.  Considering that Sound of Music rehearsals begin in time-consuming earnest next week, I should really, really look to that...


  1. Well, I for one am happy to see you posting again! I came in late for the A-Z challenge, but I really enjoy reading your posts! I used to dabble in sewing to no great success, but have enough knowledge of how difficult it is to appreciate what you are doing here! Keep up the good work, and ican hardly wait to see sleeve, embroidery, and your finished product. :)

  2. Well, I for one am hoping you'll keep posting! I've enjoyed reading about the development of this masterpiece . . .

  3. @Anne Elisabeth Thanks! It's nice to know I have such a Disney princess enthusiast in my camp to help me keep the standards of quality high.

    I actually have some cool stuff to post later in the week, but I have to wait for my mom to come back from her vacation with the camera! (Really should break down and buy one of my own. Just lazy)


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