Monday, February 20, 2012

Rapunzel Skirt Embroidery Transfers, 2nd Batch

It's been a while, but at long last I have the second set of Rapunzel embroidery transfers up and available to questing souls in search of such:

Link to PDF File:

I'm in the middle of stitching the pattern onto my hem as we speak. This pattern fit around the bottom of my skirt about six times.

Project #2 - Rapunzel!

Project: Complete Rapunzel Costume
Deadline: May 5th, 2012 (Free Comic Book Day)

"When we last left our heroine..."

Hey, remember this gal?

She looks great! 

But she's incomplete!

That's right folks! There is MORE EMBROIDERY!

In particular, the flowers all along the hem, and the "dots" that embellish all of the embroidery, which I didn't have time to do back before Dragon Con.

Well, now the time has come to pick up the needle and embroidery floss once more. I've actually already gotten started a bit. More on that later.

The other thing that needs fixing is that Way-Too-Dark center brocade panel. I have the lighter shade of purple with which to replace it, but I'm not going to do that until just before my deadline (I want to see if I can lose a couple of inches from my waistline. If so, great. If not, ah well).

Why the May 5th deadline in particular, you may ask?

Because.... *drummroll*

May 5th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!! (click the link to read all about it)

There's an antique toy store/comic book shop in my home town, and I'm friends with the owners. Last year they had a really fun outdoor event for Free Comic Book day, including a variety of comic book heroes in costume. Since I am always looking for an excuse to wear a costume, I am planning on participating this year! Last year I noticed lots of little kids having their picture taken with Batman, and I thought having Rapunzel around for pictures might also be fun for the kids.

Which brings me to my next point...

I really think I need to do proper Rapunzel hair to round out this costume.

Which means I will need to learn about wigs. 

In summary, by the deadline I need to:
  • Finish the embroidery
  • Replace the center panel
  • Make the hair 
Let the learning experience begin!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Princess Daisy (Super Mario Brothers)

Completed: February 3rd, 2011
Pattern(s) Used: McCall's M6420, custom combination of views. (No lower sleeves, no bustle, custom trims)
Fabric(s) Used: Banana Satin (about 2.5 yards, including bodice lining), Orange Jacquard (about 1.0 yard)
Trim(s) Used: 1.5" white eyelet on collar and sleeves, blue stone and silk hair flower for broach, white child's gloves.

Lessons learned:
How to thread my serger.
How to do a centered zipper.
How to do a fully lined sleeve.
Don't underestimate the power of gathering.
Be careful when seam clipping

Princess Daisy, Complete!!

It's done! My first costuming project of the year has been a resounding success.


A week before the birthday party deadline, I faced my toughest challenge of the project. Installing the zipper. This was extra tough since I had to get in between the outer dress and the bodice lining. It was my first centered zipper, and after much trial and error, I got it right, got it to actually look sort of good, and finally understood the fundamentals of centered zippers. I think I also figured out how my zipper foot is supposed to work, since it looks different from the ones people use in their YouTube "how to" vids. 

Speaking of YouTube "how to" videos, it seems like everyone and their mother has their own 'easiest way' to do this, and none of them are very easy to follow because the camera never gets in close enough. However, by watching enough videos and reading enough written instructions and consulting my handy dandy sewing book, I finally put the pieces and laws of physics together concerning centered zippers.

Hercules would be proud.


Doing the orange ruffles took longer than I thought, but wasn't difficult. I learned all about ruffles way back when I was making that Inara skirt (that has 10 ruffles on, and that's 3 ruffles shy of the actual costume). Sergio was very helpful in making sure that these orange ruffles don't fray.

What do we think? Pretty, isn't it?


It's all about the presentation!

I would love to show pictures of the party itself, Niece's excitement, and how cute she looked in it. Predictably, it was too big, but that's perfectly fine, as it gives her one to two years of growing in which to enjoy it. However, this is the internet, and Niece is only 3, and her parents are wary of public photos. Understandable!

Lucy and Toby will just have to do their best to supply the cute factor:

And that's a wrap on Project #1! Stay tuned for a post next week all about Project #2 (hint-- it's an old friend, and not really that much of a surprise).