Thursday, June 7, 2012

River Song: The Secret Costume

My dearest readers, I have been sneaky. I have been working on a costume behind the scenes and not mentioned a word about it.

Anybody around here like Doctor Who?

How about the indomitable River Song?

This costume is from the episode "A Time of Angels"  Watch her (and the dress! and the accessories!) in action here:

I've been wanting to make this costume for quite a while, and it actually ended up being my easiest project so far, sewing wise. It's also my first foray into wig-buying, as you can see below:

A couple of weeks ago when I was in NYC, I managed to find a pair of adorable, adequate red stilettos. By some wondrous miracle they only size they had left was mine! The cat eye sunglasses I found at Target.

For those doing River Song Byzantium dress research of their own, the pattern I used was Simplicity 3827 (now being phased out). It's the same pattern I altered to make my Inara blouse! If I could start again, however, I wish I'd used Simplicity 1801 instead. It has a cummerbund already incorporated into the pattern (I had to try and add mine on my own and it's kind of sloppy), as well as gathers at the shoulders and waist more in keeping with River's actual dress.

Wig: Link 

There are more accessories I still need to keep my eye out for to "complete" this ensemble-- a handbag, a watch, a handheld scanner thingy (I'm thinking I might track down my old Game Boy Advance and give it a makeover for this) and a tiny gun/blow torch. For a girl dressed to the nines, River is sure prepared for anything!


  1. That (and you!) looks fabulous!

  2. The right wig can make a costume stand out and shine, and a bad one will just make it look cheap. The quality of your wig certainly shows. Much better than that stuff you find in the Halloween stores.

    1. Thanks! The great thing about this particular costume is it's okay if the wig gets a little bit ratty. One of the things I love best about River Song is her frizzy, frizzy hair. :-)

      I have a wig for Rapunzel too that I need to show off here at some point. But I'm kind of waiting till I get the skirt properly overhauled.

  3. Looking good! And honestly, that looks like the sort of dress that you could wear out in public "for real", if paired with the right accessories. At least for a somewhat fancier occasion!

    River Song is pretty awesome. ;)


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