Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Tale of Rose Red, Part 5

There have been many happenings in costuming world of late, folks. The Red Riding Hood effort is coming along nicely. 

For example, I finished the vest!
(Followed the pattern, added 3 inches of length, disregarded the eyelets)

I bought the garment clasps here. Specifically "Tudor Rose" in antique pewter.

And then I finished the skirt! Pretty straight-forward. Just followed the pattern. I'll probably shorten it by about two inches when everything else is done. It's kind of... trippy right now.

Everything all together!!

Some close-ups for detail...


(The fake bow still needs to be attached. Whoops)

And just because I got some extra-adorable photos... some kitty cuteness!

 Lucy thinks if I lay anything down flat anywhere it is her duty to sit on it. In this case, she made a whole nest for herself.


The two of them also had a brilliant time playing in the "cave" formed by the voluminous medieval skirt on the dress form.

 And then, you know, Toby turned into an Alien and Lucy caught him for me.

Last but not least, my favorite:

You know how sometimes you take a picture by accident and it looks more brilliant than anything you could've ever gotten by trying. This is especially true of cats, who don't ever cooperate with anything you WANT them to do. Fortunately, Toby can't help but look gorgeous. I may have this one framed.

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, that is a suspiciously red cloak-like material he's hiding behind there!

... stay tuned!


  1. Very nice!

    When I sew (if...) I look forward to having to add to EVERY PATTERN for height. ;)

  2. Hooray! I've been waiting for another update. The vest looks fantastic. I love the closures you found! :)

    Also, your kittens are ADORABLE.

  3. My cat loves rolling in my pattern paper and all over my fabric. The more cat hair the better in his opinion.


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