Monday, August 20, 2012

The Tale of Rose Red, Part 7

Isn't it wonderful how fortuitously things sometimes align sometimes? 


Some friends of ours from church have a home away from home in southern Ohio-- a small cottage with all the amenities. About a half a mile up the hill in the woods they also have a one-room, furnished log cabin that the husband built himself as a hobby.

Well, my mother and I got invited to stay there this weekend for a relaxing getaway. I took my sewing along, naturally, since I needed to finish the trim on the Red Cloak. Thinking about these woods and this cabin, I took a gamble and folded up the rest of my costume as well.

In a mad rush Sunday morning I finished off the last of the trim, hand-basted the right side together, and then we climbed up the hill to that cabin and did some wonderful shots. I will let them speak for themselves!


  1. Looks lovely, and nothing makes the sewing better than the background to showcase it.

  2. These pictures are fabulous! I haven't seen the show yet, but just watching the progress of this costume is making me want too. :) You look great for the character too! Very, very impressive.

  3. You're right, Kimberlee! I was pretty tickled with this opportunity. Thanks for the compliments. :-)

    Anne Elisabeth. Thank you! I really like the show. It took me seven episodes before I got really invested, but I thought they built and culminated the S1 story perfectly and I have high anticipation for Season 2. You're right about Red, too. As soon as I saw her in her "fairy tale" garb, I went "Oooh! She's tall! She has long dark hair and a pretty, modest costume!!!" It was pretty much a done deal in 2.5 seconds. Haha. I'm hoping for the convention to have my hair curled and styled more nicely than in the above pictures, but I'm partly at the mercy of the Atlanta summer weather.... ugh...

  4. What a perfect setting for your pics! The costume turned out fabulously, too. I know that wool was pricier than you wanted to go, but so worth it. (I have to admit, you're giving me a little fiber envy, since I can't work with wool at all!)


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