Monday, January 6, 2014


Dear All:

For 2014 I am renewing my efforts to make costuming masterpieces, but I'll be reporting on my efforts from a new home:

For those of you who have left inquiries regarding the Rapunzel embroidery transfers. Unfortunately, the site where I was hosting the files has been discontinueed and I seem to have NOT preserved my .pdf copies. So I'm trying to find what I did with the original drawings, and so far I've come up with zero there too. So far.

So sorry!

In any case, the new website is one central stop for all my goals and plans for the year, and, hopefully, news about the books I'm working hard to get published.

All the sewing-related stuff will be under the tags "sewing adventures" or "costuming adventures" (or both). Here is the 2014 kickstart entry. I've recently joined the smartphone generation, so I'll also be better about pictures.

So, anyway. I'll leave this site up but I'm closing down comments as best I can.

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