Friday, March 30, 2012

Hey, look, it's almost April!

I haven't had much cause to post in the last few weeks (months)? There are a couple of reasons for that. One, I've been working on my Rapunzel embroidery, yes, but more slowly than I'd like, and it's old territory anyway.

However, another reason I've been lagging is because I've been preparing a very special post series. Sunday is the beginning of April and that means the April A-Z blogging challenge! I wasn't sure I was going to participate this year, but about two months back I got a splendid idea for a theme.


The 'Dream' Costume List!!

(Interspersed throughout this post are some sneak peaks of the ladies soon to be showcased!)

That's right, dear readers. In the next four weeks I will be posting, from A to Z, a list of characters from movies, TV, and books that I have daydreamed about costuming, either seriously or as a passing fancy. For a few tough letters, I came up with something that I've never actually considered, but seemed like a fun choice for the purposes of this series.

Every post has a slightly different focus. With each costume, I'm trying to accomplish at least one piece of "legwork" for anyone researching online for how to do said costume. A pattern suggestion, a fabric suggestion, or even links to other tutorials that people have done from experience and not just theoretical musings (there are a lot of these for Star Wars costumes). Sometimes a costume is straightforward, so I spend more time talking about why I chose that character. Some posts are short and sweet, some very long indeed. In either case, I'm glad I got an early start, because I'm only one-third of the way prepared, and it's been hard work so far!

Still, when it's all done, I'll have a nice compendium of future costume ideas to draw upon, and have the chance to expound on some of my favorite heroines (or villains) in fandom. Hopefully, I'll make some new friends along the way!

In other news, my Mom and I are going to a sewing expo in Cleveland tomorrow. I'm really excited about it. My main goal is to hunt for special fabrics, or get good deals on basic fabrics, and also to gawk at sewing equipment and maybe start deciding on the next investment for my sewing family.  Better machine? Cutting board? Proper table? Hmmmn....

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the "dream costume" blog series. I've been looking forward to it for over a month now!


  1. Glad you are ready with your theme! Going to be another awesome Challenge.
    Don't forget to turn off word verification.

  2. Sounds fun-- I'll definitely be following with interest!


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