Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sew it Begins!

Oh, how I love puns...

Okay, A.D.D. moment over.  *ahem*

Tonight, I cut out the very first pieces of what I trust will be the final product.  BEHOLD:

This is the front and top of the bustier.  You see six pieces (4 lavender, 2 cream) because I am fully lining the bustier twice over.  The cream muslin will hide between the two outer pieces of satin to help give the bustier heft and a nice, smooth lie, and (I hope) help it to last a nice long time.

And here is pictured a small pile of almost all the final materials I needed to make this monstrosity (and therefore went out and bought).  The only things I know for sure I'm still missing are the grommets (eyelets) and the ribbon to tie it closed.  Which, I may just use the pink ribbon I bought for the puffed sleeves.  I don't think it's a point worth being picky about.

(As always, my cats approve of anything new).

Tomorrow I will keep cutting out pieces.  There are a lot of small pieces, and since I'm cutting everything out three times...well, let's just hope I don't make any mistakes*

(*any more mistakes, I should say, since I did start to cut out the back part of the bustier and completely forgot to include the shoulder strap.  Three cheers for homemade patterns!!! That's when I decided the above was far enough for one night.  Hehehe).  

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