Friday, July 8, 2011

A shiny new toy.

In the immortal words of miss Kaywinnit Lee Frye:  "Look at the pretties!!"


I bought a dress form today.

Behold, the sum total of my progress!!

As you can see, the vertical embroidery is just about halfway done (should be exactly halfway done as of  this time tomorrow).  The jacket you see there is a test bustier.  I didn't bother with the "skirt" portion because I was focused on the shoulder straps.  I added that little purple cloth in the middle for modesty, since the entire front of her chest is split open and it's kind of weird.

The armholes are raw because they are awaiting the introduction of... *drumroll*


Yes, ladies and gentleman, I will finally be facing off against my next-biggest dragon that needs slaying. Custom fit puffed sleeves.  That is this weekend's project.  Whee!

The bigger point, though, is that now I can display my progress so conveniently! *hugs dress form*

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