Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Regarding fabric sales

A few of you have inquired about any extra fabric that I have available for sale.  I am sorry I haven't responded yet, but I was waiting to see how this purchasing a third color situation would work out before I did so.

The width of all this satin is 60".

I still have three yards (and a remnant) of lavender brocade, and more than enough in plum or purple (when it arrives) for any one person's costume.  I will sell it for $3.00 per yard plus shipping costs of $5.00 plus $0.50/yd for anything over 3 yards.  Note that this price is actually less than what I paid.  I'm not trying to make a profit, just recover some of my expenses.

I will accept payment via Paypal and payments must be received in advance.  Also, I won't be able to mail the fabric until the Saturday following receipt of payment, as I work a day job that makes weekday post office visits a pain in the patushka.

Clearly, once the lavender is gone, people probably won't be interested in this offer without the matching fabrics, so no matter what I'm still going to have lots of plum and purple left over.  So what in the world am I going to do with all that extra fabric?

Well, fortunately for me, my mom has a shiny new kitchen with lots of purple accents.  So I am probably going to be making some lovely tablecloths and also slip covers for her throw pillows.  Especially for the ones in the basement, which are starting to get kind of grungy.  I feel quite brilliant about this plan.  Resourceful, even!

If you're interested in purchasing any of the fabric, please send me an email with your information to

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