Monday, January 2, 2012

New year, New projects!!!

The holidays have come and gone and 2012 is upon us! With it comes a whole new slew of sewing projects on the horizon. To help in this endeavor, I present the newest member of my little sewing family:

 His name is Sergio. He's a serger.

 (Not the most original of names, perhaps, but too adorable to forego, nonetheless).

I also have decided to celebrate this year's ambition by launching a new sewing workstation!

(1) I moved an ancient computer desk from the laundry room to my traditional sewing corner. I had to put away my Christmas tree earlier than usual, but better to do it when I was inspired, I guess. Seemed like less of a chore that way, and less sad to boot. Behold:

 You can see Sergio is already nicely at home on the left there.

(2) I organized all my viable fabric remnants and put them into what was once a printer port, as shown below. (The yellow fabric on top is actually not a remnant, but a new acquisition for Project #1 of the year, on which I will expound in my next post).

(3) I organized all my patterns and put them in the hanging file drawer (lower, right hand) as shown below.

(4) I organized all the notions that we had on hand, including my purchases of the past two years, and everything carried over from when my mother used to sew.This drawer is also good for frying pan-shaped costume accessories you want to make sure nobody actually uses for cooking. ;-)

(5) More frequently used notions (thread, pins), have the honor of inhabiting the front cubby holes. The tall, conical bobbins are some overlock thread I bought for Sergio, when I finally work up the nerve to actually try him out.

(6) The big blue binder is my new project book, mostly to keep notes and photos of each successful costume (and or ordinary outfit, if I ever get around to those sorts of clothes). My little sewing box fits nicely in the space beneath, and that will hold things I always need on hand (measuring tape, snipping scissors), so that if I want to take anything on the road, it's ready to go. And my bolt of "test" muslin rests comfortably right alongside it.

I haven't put anything in the upper right cupboard yet, but it occurs to me that it would be a good place to keep a few other craft things I've collected-- cardstock, etc.

Not pictured are my usual card table and Darth Stitch, off the the left. ;-)

So there we have it! All spic and span and ready to take my craft to the next level this year. I have four major projects, one of which is finishing up the last details on Rapunzel!!

Project #1 introductory post sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Good call, getting organized pretty much first thing! Then you don't end up like me, with piles of patterns throwing themselves on your head every time you try to get something out, and more fabric than you'll probably ever use (and the lack of ability to curb a desire for more!)

  2. Very cool to get everything organized right away. Can't wait to see the costumes you come up with this year! (btw this is world_of_blade)


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