Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project #1 - Princess Daisy

Project: Princess Daisy gown for my niece
Deadline: February 3, 2012

This is Princess Daisy 

(I say blurb because apparently there isn't enough about her to merit a whole page)

My nephew has recently become a Mario fan, and he's pulling his little sister right along with him. Nephew dressed up as Mario for Halloween with an off-the-rack costume, and I got Niece an off-the-rack Rapunzel dress for Christmas. Somehow she's combined the reality of costumes with the acquisition power of her grown-up fan club and requested, on more than one occassion, a "Princess Daisy" dress. She asked so adorably at Christmas that I just couldn't help myself and I did a Google Image search.

My thought process went more or less like this: "Pffft. I can make that!!"

And so I shall. Starting this weekend.

The Supplies:


Daisy's dress is simple and generically princess in design, and finding a generic princess pattern was quite easy: I give you McCall's M6420. I will be piecemealing my own combination of the pattern variations, as usual. At least I don't have to worry about custom alterations (for once)!

Fabric and trim

The yellow was my splurge on New Year's Day in my mad rush to get to JoAnn's before the McCall's $0.99 pattern sale was over. I only have a month to complete this project and real life was about to rear its busy head again. I splurged for convenience. Also, Grandma is helping with the expenses on this one.

The orange is fabric I already had on hand. Keen observers of my costuming history might recognize it as the very same fabric I ordered off of eBay to make the shirt for my Inara Serra costume.

The lace is...scalloped eyelet. Also a splurge, really. 


I forgot to download a picture for reference, so the stone I bought was round and blue instead of oval and green, but really, it goes with the flower I found so nicely that I figured-- close enough! I will not be making the earrings, as Niece does not have pierced ears and most likely wouldn't tolerate clip-ons, anyway. I've put Grandma on task to find some gloves. The crown is the only thing I haven't decided on yet-- that is, whether to try and make it or not. It will probably depend on how quickly I finish the dress.

And there you have it! Project #1 for the year. A good way to put Sergio through his paces, a good way to get the cobwebs out of my system. I'm excited!


  1. Hee, Sergio.

    I miss Darth Stitch already. ;)

  2. Oh, no worries. Darth Stitch is still with us. Sergio is just his industrial strength assistant. ;-)

  3. I'm very excited to see the development of more costuming genius! :)

  4. Anne Elisabeth. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the adventure. :-)


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