Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Incentive

"Here's your pan. Here's your frog."
~ Flynn Rider; Tangled

In addition to Rapunzel's costume being so wonderfully iconic, the thing that I am most excited about are the props. Namely, Pascal the chameleon, Rapunzel's best friend and sidekick, and her trusty frying pan, with which she fends off a world of dubious intent (she probably also uses it to fry things, though this is never confirmed in the movie). ;-)

"I will use this." ~ Rapunzel

The frying pan and the chameleon are fabulous accessories for a fabulous ensemble. Rapunzel doesn't take anything else with her when she leaves the tower, which I find just so adorable.

Today's post is about incentive. Namely, that I haven't allowed myself to acquire these props yet, and I'm not letting myself get them until my costume is finished. I'm looking forward to them that much.

(Obviously, I already have a frying pan of my own. Several, in fact. But I'm not going to use my actual everyday cookware for a costume-- I'll get one exclusive to my costume. I'm going to be dragging it heaven only knows how many places, and putting it down a lot. Oh, and speaking of dragging, I'll probably opt for something smaller and lighter than the movie version. I mean, there are practical aspects, after all).

Pascal has been surprisingly hard to find. I was hoping for a vinyl figurine of some kind of the character, life-sized and durable. But the only thing they seem to sell at this point are tiny figurines or plushes that don't actually look like Pascal. I did a cursory search for generic chameleon figurines as well, and didn't find anything satisfactory at first glance.

Still, it's a minor detail, and one I'm not letting myself worry about until the hard part is done.

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  1. I totally thought the "incentive" would be meeting certain people at certain conventions...;)

    Do you have any friends who work at or near Disney? They usually have the best selection of sidekicks in their gift shops. I passed on a Flounder 21 years ago and regret it to this day.

    "Nuance." --> one of my favourite exchanges (after "Blondie"; "Rapunzel!"; "Geshundeit!", of course).


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