Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Progress!!!

I actually sewed today! Huzzah!!!

(Since I really wanted to post "progress" for my P post, I actually had to, you know, make some.  Ergo, my motivation. So... thank you, A-Z blog challenge!)

Behold, the fruit of my efforts:

Obviously, this photo is not really worth a thousand words because it looks exactly like all the other test bustiers that I have posted so far in this blog.  But be not deceived! 

Here, in trusty word format, are the things I accomplished:
  • I ensured that the skirt pieces of the bustier would align with the bust pieces after all my alterations (and that I would be able to make tiny adjustments as needed when I came around to the final process)
  • Tested the height of the back (It goes up almost two inches further than the original pattern)
  • Tested and tweaked the curvature of the two bustier pieces in combination for the armhole I'm trying to piece together from scratch.

The next step is to make shoulder strap patterns that will finish off the armhole.  This much will be accomplished on Thursday.  Or at least a first draft.

You can see below a collection of all the pieces that are required (sans the aforementioned shoulder straps which I still need) for the bustier.  Note the elegant use of wax paper and packing tape (and red markers and staples) to keep track of all of my alterations.

Cutting out all of those bottom pieces is a PAIN IN THE NECK.  Fortunately, my efforts today have satisfied me that I don't need to do it again until we're making the real deal.

It may not look like much, but progress indeed we have made today, my friends! 

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