Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for Shoes

My mother and I went shopping today.  I wanted to get shoes to go with the skirt I was planning on wearing for Easter, which I've had for a while, but which is notoriously difficult to match in the footwear department.  That was all I specifically set out to buy.

I did succeed... with these shiny but tasteful gold sandals....

... but before (and after) that I kind of got carried away...

(Don't ask me what I'm going to wear these with yet.
I haven't quite figured it out myself.)

But in case you're wondering "What does a shoe binge have to do with your Rapunzel costume, Faith? Well, I'll tell you.  No, I'll show you:

I found purple shoes to match my costume!!!

As anyone who has seen the movie will know, of course, Rapunzel's footwear is actually even easier than a lucky find on the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory.  She doesn't wear any shoes at all for the entire movie (Well, I suppose she could be at the end-- I'm not sure we see ever see her feet in the last scene).

Alas, as much as I love bare feet, conventions are not the place you want to be exercising that particular whimsy.  It's certainly not for me.

These babies are comfortable AND so deliciously purple.  Also, should anyone want to take my picture as "movie" Rapunzel (i.e. no shoes), they are as easy as breathing to step in and out of again.

So in conclusion, I found purple shoes for my costume today! And I wasn't even planning on it!! 

(Apparently compelled by some subconscious need to make up for my lack of stereotypical girliness in my adolescent years, I also bought two new handbags:) 

... and a new dress and a new skirt and three new tops...

.... somebody stop me. Please.  My credit card thanks you.

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