Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Kitties

I love cats and I have two of them, both of them adoptees from the Humane Society* They have only been with our family for two months. It took me a long time to cajole my mom into agreeing, since it's her house and all the furniture and carpets are new. Understandable.

My kitties, Lucy and Toby, love sewing too. They are extremely helpful, as you can see from the pictures below:

Here we have the lovely Lucy helping to lay out the pattern.

And this is Toby, making sure that this red fabric is properly softened. (I call him Maharajah when he does this).

They like to help me cut out patterns:

Their most favorite task, however, is helping me to ensure my measuring tape is in proper working order.

So three cheers for Lucy and Toby, who always make a sewing session an adventure!

*I know we all love kittens and puppies, but if you're thinking of adopting an animal, can I just be an advocate for grown-up animals in shelters? I decided to go this route because I've wanted a cuddly lap cat my whole life, and the only other indoor cat I ever had was almost feral. For me, getting an adult cat was a guaranteed way to make sure I got a cat with the personality that I wanted, and I have that in my snuggle bug Lucy. Mom likes 'ornery' cats, so we also have Toby, who doesn't like to be cuddled, but investigates everything, and will play with your stare if you let him. Both of them have very friendly, non skittish personalities, which I knew because of how receptive they were at the shelter.

The shelter volunteers usually know the animals, and you'll get them with most of their shots and basics already taken care of, plus a discount on getting them fixed if they aren't already. All of this makes the adoption fee a very reasonable bargain, plus you'll be helping a great charity keep its gears running smoothly.


  1. I totally agree with adult animal adoption! We got our sweet kitty as a kitten, not knowing he would be like Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. We loved him to pieces, but when Fox was born Cloud had to go live with my parents because he's too unpredictable and dangerous to be around a child. It was heartbreaking, and situations like that could be avoided by adopting adult animals. Plus, there are plenty of people who will be adopting the kittens! It's the adults who need the help.

  2. Some of the best sentences that come to me during a day appear while I'm helping our cat off my desk. She, too, is a shelter rescue. And we're better for having her in our lives.

    k: Keystone & K1000

  3. Great plug for animal rescue! I worked for a cat rescue program in high school and can't say enough for adult cat adoption! Though my two rescue kitties were both abandoned kittens found on the roadside . . .

    Adorable post. Love these pictures of Lucy and Toby!


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