Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Underneath

Okay.   I have one more week of A-Z to go, and only about half of my letters determined and a full docket of rehearsals, so they might be bit entries in comparison with the top half of the month, but I'm still 1 for 1 on posting, golly, we will get something going here.

There are two pieces to Rapunzel's costume that I will need to consider in order for it to be complete that are under the surface.

(1) The petticoat.  Simple enough: find some nice white lining material, cut it out like a second skirt, put some pretty lace on the bottom and petticoat, skirt, and lining together nicely.

(2) The undershirt.

Here, I am torn.  I believe from watching the movie closely that Rapunzel is actually wearing a completely independent shirt underneath her corset.  The white lace that lines her neck is attached to this undershirt, not the corset part.  The undershirt also serves as the modesty panel behind the lacing of the corset.  Finally, in the back it goes all the way up to her neck and has little pink buttons.

I could sew another shirt, but I'm 95% decided upon cheating.  Firstly, I don't feel like figuring out another pattern, though it probably wouldn't be that difficult.  Secondly, I don't want the costume to be any hotter than it has to.  Thirdly, I could save on a little bit of material.

Cheating would be, of course, cutting out exactly the pieces that I need and tacking them behind.  In the case of the back, I would sew the false shirt back into the shoulder straps and upper hem of the corset.  In the case of the front lace I'd probably just put the lace on the corset and cut out a modesty panel stitched to the lining on one side of the lacing and fastened with snaps on the other.

In any case, these details are about seventy-three obstacles down the road.

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