Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Needle

The Tale of Darth Stitch and Captain Needle:

 Darth Stitch and his officer, Captain Needle, are attempting to create a critical seam.

Disaster strikes!

"Captain Needle, the seam is no longer straight in our sights!"

Captain Needle: "Untangle it.  I shall take full responsibility, and apologize to Lord Stitch."

(Apology in progress)

Darth Stitch: "Apology accepted, Captain Needle."

The moral of this story is not to use a dull needle.  Also, it's better to use a fine tip needle if you're sewing with satin.  And finally, it is of course wise to do your very best not to upset a sewing machine who is also a Sith Lord.

(Also, let us please observe a moment of silence for Captain Needle, who could probably have been sharpened, but who nobly sacrificed himself for the sake of this post's attempted humor)


  1. Thank you, Kate. Next to doing an entire cross-stitch piece in Quenya, I really do think this might be the real nerdiest thing I've ever done. ;-)


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