Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eowyn

I don't suppose there's any need to spend much time introducing Eowyn of Rohan to the well-versed of fantasy, nor even a large swath of those familiar with pop culture, thanks to the wonderful Lord of the Rings film trilogy. She is the Shieldmaiden of Rohan, the Princess of Ithilien, and slayer of the Witchking of Angmar. She is, in short, thoroughly awesome.

The film version of Eowyn offers many lovely costume choices to emulate. If I were ever to tackle Eowyn, the first one I would go for would be her "Sheildmaiden" outfit, shown below:

There are two reasons for this.

One, it has a certain clean simplicity that is very refreshing to me after the nightmare of detail that was Rapunzel. There's no train, and the vest is reminiscent of leather armor, which is soooo Eowyn.

Two (and I admit, this was most of the reason), there's basically already a verbatim pattern for it in easy existence. Click the link below:

Pattern: Simplicity 4940
Fabrics: Cream Linen and Brown Suedecloth

Thank you, Simplicity (and your almost certain licensing agreement with the LotR movie copyright holding people?) for making it easy! You can also have a great start on her green gown (though lacking the front-open drape detail), and Arwen's "reading" gown (as I call it) from Return of the King.

And again, I would have an excuse to get a SWORD. This is a huge selling point with me.


  1. I liked her character. I had no idea her name was spelled like that.
    Enjoyed your post.

    1. Yeah, Tolkien's lingustics (right down to names) were very detailed and specific. There's actually an accent mark that I didn't include: Éowyn.

  2. I suspected that would be your E choice! (And if you ever decide to actually go for the "shieldmaiden" dress or the yellow one she did at the end, I'd be happy to brainstorm with you! (Since I already made inspired-by-both, even though I changed the color of the latter to green.)

    1. But of course! The new sewing machine I'm buying has a single-color embroidery feature. I could perhaps use it to try out those gold embellishments! :-)

  3. Unique niche! Love a good sword!

    Visit when you can -

    Happy Challenge!

    1. Thanks! Swords or fun. Happy Challenge to you as well. :-)

  4. I really liked this character in LOTR. I like this take on the challenge, great idea!

    Hello, stopping by from A-Z Challenge!
    English Speaking Zone

  5. YAY!

    Amy (eldanna) made the Blue Dress of No Screen Time a few years ago, and it is AMAZING and I KIND OF HATE HER, but OMG, Éowyn's dresses! :)

  6. Hahaha, Blue Dress of No Screen Time.


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