Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Velma

"I would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't have been for you meddling kids!!"

So anyone who watches even a single episode of Scooby Doo (since they all pretty much have the same plot) knows very well that the only member of Mystery, Inc. to actually solve mysteries is Velma.

This is a great and easy costume to assemble if you want something, well, great and easy. Personally, I see no reason to obsess over getting the cut and style of the sweater and skirt exactly right. Observe the slight differences in the two incarnations of Velma shown below:

There's a different sweater and also different shoes. The bottom sweater is more "cartoon" accurate, but I love both of them. Really, I think getting Velma right is more about colors, the haircut, and those unforgettable square glasses!

One at a time, search for the following online (or at your local store):

Orange turtleneck sweater
Red pleated skirt
Orange knee-high socks
Red Mary Jane shoes
Square glasses frames
Brown page boy wig

Yes, I cheated again, but I think it's only fair to have some options for people who can't or are disinclined to sew!


  1. If you are inclined to sew, the long-sleeved, cowl neck version of the Renfrew Top from Sewaholic Patterns in an orange knit fabric would be perfect for the first of the "real-life" Velmas!

  2. love your theme! my friend was velma a few years back.
    awesome characters & pics!

  3. exactly where did you buy the sweater, cant find it anywhere?


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