Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Padmé

Padmé Naberrie is the one-time Queen of Naboo and the all-time Queen of Intergalactic Fashion. How could any fangirl's "dream" costume list be complete without something from her exhaustive collection of breathtaking ensembles?

There are SO MANY to choose from, but thinking on the matter for the purposes of this write-up, I decided that the Padmé dress I would most like at this point in my life is her initial Senatorial gown from Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

Renaissance meets Africa. Only in Star Wars! Gotta love it.

The Good News: The costumes is awesome.

The Bad News: The costumes is expensive and complicated. Once again we butt heads with the infamous Trisha Beggar, Star Wars prequel costume designer. Darn her!

 View from the back.

The REALLY good news (for me) is that because this is a Star Wars costume, it means that a bajillion people out there have already done the work and documented their efforts handily on the internet. In the case of this costume, I found the mother lode. So I defer to the following post for any and all commentary, suggestions, and tidbits regarding Padme and her gorgeous, nightmarish clothing:

Super Crazy Helpful Brilliant Extra Detailed writeup by Kay Dee

Index of other costumes she's done write-ups for

Seriously, this sort of thing makes me want to just hide in a hole and never look at a sewing machine again. I'm not worthy!!!!

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  1. I just want to wear that someday, you know? THEY SHOULD HAVE A TOUR, where you get to try on the costumes. I would pay for that. It would be amazing.

    Or I should win the lottery, and just hire someone to make me a ludicrously complicated outfit I would be afraid to wear, but would use to win every costume party I am ever invited to for the rest of my life.


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