Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Walker, Sarah

Sarah Walker of the Nerd-tastic spy show Chuck is talented, deadly, beautiful, and assigned by the CIA to protect Chuck Bartowski. In Season 1 of Chuck she does so from across the street, where she can keep an eye on Chuck in his day job at the Buy More. Part of Sarah's cover is working at the Weinerlicious. Her uniform is pretty easy to make or collect, for those so inclined:

Skirt pattern - Simplicity 2368 (but there are many possibilities) Red fabric with white polka dots is pretty easy to find.


Buy it! - this is an example (link subject to expire) It's nigh on perfect but for the trim. And for that price, I might be willing to put up with the trim, to be honest. A basic peasant blouse is something that's pretty easy to find, though, depending on the time of year. Do some internet browsing or keep your eyes open at your favorite stores.

Make it! Here's a PDF with instructions how to draft your very own pattern without even needing to buy one.

Corset/waistband: Hey, lookie what I found!
Or there's a pretty good pattern for a wasistband-style corset here in Butterick B5371.  Hmmn, there's a lot of good accessories with that pattern. I might need to snag that one...

My friend bookwormprincess's version of Sarah's costume for Halloween last year

(I know I didn't spend much time gushing about Sarah. The truth is, since I have a huge fangirl crush on Chuck Bartowski, I have an irrational resentment of Sarah and her gorgeousness and ability to quell a rebellion with a spork). Have you ever seen Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella? The song "The Stepsisters' Lament?"

Why would a fellow want a girl like her?
A girl who's merely lovely?
Why can't a fellow ever ONCE prefer
A girl who's merely me?

Yeah.... that's kind of how I feel about Sarah.... 

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  1. Lookit, lookit, that's me! Ooh la la! I think I want to try to get that pattern and make the waist cincher, 'cause mine is toooootally not legit. ;)


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